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Consulting is very easy, only five steps:

  1. You register (free). Once you have registered, you will create a username and password to consult every time that you need it.
  2. Choose the specialists’ category that you want to consult.
  3. Type your consult’s reason. Type your consult, problems and concerns. Remember to provide many details so our specialists will be able to help with the best information. If you want to upload a text file or a photograph, you can upload any file. You can upload text files as PDF, TXT or photograph in JPG or BMP format for that our specialist can see your documents
  4. Pay the consultation. You can pay by credit card, Moneybookers, Payza or with an account at PayPalTM. Type your credit card number very well, the expiration date of your credit card and CVC code. The CVC code for the VISA, JCB, MasterCard, Diners Club International o Discover cards is the last three digits on the back of the credit card. The CVC code for the American Express cards is the four digits located on the front of the card, on the right side. Then click “Accept”.
  5. Your consult immediately arrives to the Specialists, they answer you in less than 30 minutes.
    You can continue consulting about the same theme without need of any additional payments. 20 free follow-up questions if needed. At the end of your consult if you are satisfied, click “Satisfied”. When you click “Satisfied”, the specialist gets remuneration for his/her answer. Then, you have to qualify the specialist’s answer if it was excellent, good or bad.