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Our history
The owner of our company is a doctor and surgeon who understands very well the suffering and anguish of sick people and their families, he knows that people need a professional who will listen to them, there are people with low incomes at the society who cannot pay and consult to the professionals and experts. For these reasons, the owner of our company decided to create consultspecialists.net where specialists, lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychologists, veterinarians, mechanics, teachers, engineers and other professionals can answer the questions and consultations of anyone in any country in the world, at any time 24/7, with great kindness, cordiality, compassion, honesty, objectivity, responsibility, respect and solidarity.

SpecialistsConsult is a forum that aims to help our customers in their questions and concerns through information given by our online Specialists.

SpecialistsConsult is an online consulting forum, autonomous, self-funded by customers, that is committed with people that need to access Specialists online 24/7 in all languages and countries in the world. We are committed with a more dignified and equitable life.

Our commitments
SpecialistsConsult is a website created so you can consult our Specialists in the internet and in real time. We know that our customers are people who need us, so with great empathy, respect, compassion, kindness, honesty, responsibility and distinction we provide you with the best Specialists to answer your questions, concerns and supply you the best information. All queries that you send us are equally urgent and important without exception, for this reason we have a highly effective service that allows your questions to be answered within 30 minutes. DWe give our best service and the Specialists give their best effort and dedication to make you feel comfortable and satisfied. The most important for our company is pleasing our customers; and their concerns are the main reason for our existence. The customers’ trust is the reason that motivates us every day to provide the best service from our Specialists.

The Specialists offered by our services are certified Specialists who voluntarily decided to provide answers by Internet. All our Specialists have sufficient knowledge, experience or certificates to respond your inquiries. Our company gives you the opportunity to have for your disposal Specialists at any time 24/7. Remember that online consultation could help you get information that you need to satisfy your concerns and problems but it cannot replace a personal consultation.

SpecialistsConsult aims to help answer your questions and concerns through information given by our Specialists. AIn addition the Specialists teach you concepts and information that allow you resolve your concerns and learn new knowledge.

From your entry into www.consultspecialists.net, the Specialists commitment is permanent, all our Specialists will be ready to give you the best consult with great empathy, objectivity, respect, kindness and human solidarity, also it makes you feel as comfortable as possible. We guarantee the confidentiality of personal and financial content of customers. Remember never provide personal or contact data when writing the reason for your consult. Sign up, consult all that you want and choose the best Specialist who will offer you the best information and lessons on time, in an efficient and responsibly way.

With your participation we strengthen a reliable, pleasant and safe attention in www.consultspecialists.net.

Thank you.